Product Highlights

Stainless Steel Meter

Simple, maintenance-free, variable rate


Stainless Steel Tank

Non-corrosive, prevents fertilizer caking


User-Friendly Monitor

Simple, reliable and ISO compliant


Two Tank Compartments

60/40 split


Featuring two tank compartments, the 3350 and 2800 air carts from Concord® are ideal for a variety of seeding and fertilizing applications. Their reliable design can help you complete fieldwork in short windows of time with minimal maintenance required.

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Stainless Steel Meter

Featuring all stainless steel and non-corrodible components, Concord's stainless steel meters are virtually maintenance free and come standard on the 2800 and 3350 air carts. Simple to use, the meters deliver seed and fertilizer precisely and gently to your air drill or any other seeding tool or fertilizer applicator on your farm.

  • ISO compliant variable rate or ground drive metering

  • Simple and precise calibration; easy access for setting

  • Shut-off slide isolates the meter from the tank


Stainless Steel Tanks

Not only are Concord's stainless steel tanks durable and non-corrosive, but they also don't sweat, reducing the condensation that can cause seed and fertilizer to cake up in poly tanks. Additionally, there is no static electricity to impact product delivery.

  • Durable and non-corrosive

  • Doesn't sweat

  • No static electricity to impact product delivery

  • 280-bushel (2800) and 335-bushel (3350) capacities

ISO Compliant
Electronic Controls

The user-friendly ISO compliant electronic control unit monitors a wide variety of important cart functions. Operators can control rates from the cab or load a map for variable rate seeding and fertilizing. The system is compatible with most in-cab ISO terminals, but is optimized for seamless use with the field-proven Raven® CR7™ and Viper® 4+ terminals. Hydraulic driven models are also provided with a remote calibration keypad as standard equipment, allowing operators to calibrate the machine without having to run back and forth between the tanks and tractor cab.

Monitor Functions

⟩ Fan Speed
⟩ Bin Levels
⟩ Meter Status
⟩ Blockage
⟩ Ground Speed
⟩ Section Switch Box
⟩ NH3 Application
⟩ Acres Seeded
⟩ Application Mass/Volume
⟩ Lifetime Totals

Viper 4+ Monitor

⟩ 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen
⟩ Fast boot-up time
⟩ Built-in self-test capabilities
⟩ Wireless over-the air software updates
⟩ Optional four-camera system integration
⟩ Dust-proof

CR7 Monitor

⟩ Lightweight and cost-effective
⟩ 7-inch touchscreen
⟩ Simplified, customizable widget layout

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