Product Highlights

Concord® Air Drill

Modern equivalent of legendary drill


Residue Clearance

No bunching or residue piles

Flexible Fertilizer Placement

Adapt to different conditions


Smooth Field Finish

Optional disc levers on the shanks

For those who remember the original Concord®, the Air Till Drill uses the same legendary design concepts, but with newer improvements and added technologies for modern farming. It offers ribbon-seeded bands and multiple fertilizer placement options to produce high yields at an economical advantage over competitive shank drills. The heavy frame weight and wide packer wheels also give you superior packing for unmatched emergence.

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superior packing

The key to uniform emergence in small grains is proper packing. The Air Till Drill is engineered to be especially heavy to aid in packing the seedbed. Combined with the wide packing wheels, the Air Till Drill provides superior seed-to-soil contact. Additionally, each pair of packing wheels are mounted on individual walking beams with every beam separately spring-mounted to the drill frame for uniform packing, even when running over stones and ridges.

Flexible Fertilizer Placement

Depending on your choice of seed openers, fertilizer can be placed with the seed in a wide ribbon. Or, a portion of the fertilizer can be placed in the seed ribbon, while the remaining fertilizer gets placed safely below or to the side of the seed. This flexibility of the Air Till Drill can be tailored to match your tillage practices, soil types, rainfall and tractor capacity.

Seed Ribbon System

The Air Till Drill places seed in a 5.5-inch wide ribbon for maximum seedbed utilization. Through years of seeding trials, this field proven system has shown to result in stronger stems, superior roots and maximum yields.

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