Product Highlights

Superior Ground Following

24 Inches of Toolbar Travel plus 16” of opener travel


Precise Down Pressure

Up to 450 Pounds of Down Pressure Per Row Unit for no-till conditions


Superior Soil Containment

Patented Soil Control Devices Included to aid in seeding at higher speeds

Accurate Seed Placement

Unique Seed Tube Design


Consistent Seeding Depth

Parallel Linkage Maintains Angle of Attack


Consistent Row Closing

Closing Wheels Pivot Around Curves

The Heads-Up Opener provides proven performance in uneven and terraced ground, and now it’s available on Concord’s Disc Drill HD. It offers 24 inches of toolbar travel and 16 inches of row unit travel, giving it the best ground following capabilities of any double disc drill available. And it boasts up to 450 pounds of down pressure per row unit for maximum no-till performance.

Terrific on Terraces

A unique parallel linkage design on the Heads-Up Opener keeps each row unit at a consistent angle of attack, which is key to maintaining the same seeding depth across terraces. Additionally, 24 inches of toolbar travel and 16 inches of row unit travel helps the drill follow some of the most challenging ground contours.


Concord, Inc. was founded in 1977 by Howard and Brian Dahl, who led the introduction of air seeding equipment into the North American marketplace, as well as internationally. Today, Concord offers a full line of single- and double-disc drills, precision shank drills and air carts, which are manufactured in Wahpeton, North Dakota, alongside Wil-Rich and Wishek tillage tools.

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