Disc Drill HD Row Unit

The Heads-Up Openers featured on the Disc Drill HD are spaced for 7.5" rows, but every other row can be blocked off for seeding 15" rows.

Opening Blades

The Heads-Up Opener blades are highly durable and create the ideal V-shaped seed trench.

Parallel Linkage

The parallel linkage keeps the angle of attack consistent over all terrain, helping to maintain a consistent seeding depth, even on terraces.

Soil Control Devices

Patented soil control devices contain the soil that's displaced by the openers. All of that soil can then be used for properly covering and firming the seed trench.

Depth Control

Depth is easily adjusted in quarter-inch increments using the looped T-handle on the opener.

Ribbed Closing Wheels

Two closing wheel profile options allow producers to achieve their desired field finish. The closing wheels also pivot to follow the seed trench around curves.

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