Product Highlights

Fast and productive

Run at 8 to 10 mph


Simple to maintain

75% fewer moving parts


Precise Down Pressure

Hydraulic cylinders control seeding depth


Retains more fertilizer in the soil


Consistent Packing

Packer tire re-levels soil



Multiple row spacings and fertilizer application methods

The Disc Drill SD with single disc opener is different than any other single disc drill out there. The unique Concord® design offers more consistent seeding depth, superior fertilizer placement capabilities, better seedbeds, faster speeds and less maintenance than competitive drills. So take everything you know about single disc drills and throw it out the window. Concord has what you need for higher yields and better return on investment out of a disc drill in conventional, minimum and no-till environments.

Fertilizer Accuracy

Placement of fertilizer in relation to seed is critical to planting success. Concord's Disc Drill SD opener features an optional mid-row bander to apply liquid, dry or NHfertilizer directly in between the seed trenches created by the drill's two opposing discs. The discs also provide the unique capability to throw soil back over the fertilizer immediately after its application — no other drill on the market is capable of capturing and retaining NHwith such a high degree of efficiency.

  • Fertilizer Placement

    Discs are spaced 6 inches apart, with the optional mid-row banding placing the fertilizer only 3 inches from each row and up to 1.5 inches below the seed. This puts the fertilizer exactly where it should be to feed the seeds, and not the weeds. Competitive drills typically space rows 10 inches apart, putting fertilizer a full 5 inches away from the seed.

low maintenance

Concord uses a patented opposing single-disc design that is remarkable simple to operate and maintain. Each opener has just two bearings that need to be greased once a year. Since it requires no in-season maintenance, you can work nonstop in the field. Even more, Concord's SD opener has 75 percent fewer moving parts than competitors, meaning there are fewer things that can go wrong.

  • 75% fewer moving parts than competitors

  • Requires no in-season maintenance

High-speed operation

You don't need an 80-foot-wide drill to cover a lot of ground quickly. In fact, a 50-foot Concord Disc Drill SD can cover more acres per hour by traveling at recommended speeds of 8 to 10 miles per hour, compared with wider competitive drills traveling at only 6 miles per hour.


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The Concord name pioneered the air seeder market starting in 1977. Today, the Concord brand is part of the Väderstad group. The company now known as Väderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Concord, Wil-Rich and Wishek brands have been known for in the quest to be the world's leading partner for an outstanding emergence.

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