Product Highlights

Large Hopper

Industry-leading 175 bushel capacity


Dual Hopper

Carry single or dual product on board


Streamlined Design

Easy Access for simplified calibration and clean-out


Narrow Transport

Folds to just 11.5 feet wide


Section Control

Improve efficiency in the field


Curve Compensation

consistent seeding/fertilizer rates around turns and curves

It's far superior to a box drill. And it's way better than any other air drill with an integral tank. The Concord® NT30 Disc Drill offers a large central-fill tank capacity with maximum air flow, simplified calibration and clean-out...all with a narrow transport width. The NT30 is also offered with your choice of two openers, which excel in no-till as well as other types of tillage systems. Whether you need the superior ground-following performance of our HD model or fertilizer banding capabilities of the SD model, Concord has you covered.

Large dual Hopper

The integrated hopper offers an industry-best capacity of 175 bushels (105 bushels front tank, 70 bushels rear tank), increasing the time needed between fills. The second hopper can be used for starter fertilizer to be placed with the seed or a second seed variety for changes on the go.

  • Product Level Sensor

    Product level sensor indicates when it’s time to fill.

  • Fill Safety

    Wide ladder and railed platform make filling safe and easy.

  • Hopper Design

    Steep slopes for effective material movement and easy clean-out.


section control with curve compensation

Section control on the drill minimizes double seeding and fertilizing, saving valuable input costs. The NT30 Disc Drill features three 10-foot sections that turn on and off independently by sensing whether the drill has already seeded the area. It can also utilize high-resolution prescription maps and meter product by section based on location in the field. Additionally, during turns and curves, the flow rate of each section is automatically adjusted so that a uniform seed and fertilizer rate is achieved across the width of the machine.


Narrow Transport

The NT30 has a working width of 30 feet, but can be folded to compact width of just 11.5 feet (3.5 m) wide by 12.8 feet (3.9 m) tall for safer travel in areas with narrower roadways.


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The Concord name pioneered the air seeder market starting in 1977. Today, the Concord brand is part of the Väderstad group. The company now known as Väderstad Inc., will continue to innovate and provide the high-quality products and levels of service and support that the Concord, Wil-Rich and Wishek brands have been known for in the quest to be the world's leading partner for an outstanding emergence.

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