Quick Depth Adjustment

Making quick, precise depth adjustments on the Precision Shank Drill is easy. Simply add or remove stop collars on the hydraulic cylinders of the frame wheels to decrease or increase seeding depth in quarter-inch increments. This convenient feature saves time by eliminating the need to adjust each opener independently. It also helps ensure operators dial in the ideal seeding depth, rather than settling for a depth that is "good enough."

Precise Seed and Fertilizer Placement

Seeding depth is gauged by the wide packer tires, which offer excellent ground following and consistent depth. Plus, each row unit is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that provides constant down pressure throughout the entire range of cylinder travel. Pressure on the cylinders is controlled by the operator on the go.

Excellent Residue Clearance

An optional rippled coulter on the Precision Shank Drill easily cuts through tough residue conditions and fractures soil ahead of the opener to keep residue flowing smoothly through the drill, rather than bunching and leaving piles of residue all over the field.

Superior Field Finish

By adjusting the closing discs, packer wheel angle and hydraulic down pressure, the Precision Shank Drill gives you full control over the field finish, whether you desire a flat surface or furrows.

Minimum Maintenance

The Precision Shank Drill is built with robust components to withstand the stress of higher speeds and demanding seeding conditions. Additionally, components are designed for minimal maintenance, with the packer wheel and coulter bearing only requiring seasonal greasing.

Accurate Flow Monitoring

Optional blockage monitors detect relative flow of seed and/or fertilizer to each opener. This means the technology not only shows you whether or not material is flowing, but it also alerts you if the flow is less than your target rate.

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