Precision Shank Drill Row Unit

The Concord Precision Shank Drill is the market's first row unit with a shank. The simple row unit design allows the drill to operate at higher speeds than typical shank drills. By minimizing soil disturbance and capturing blown out soil, the drill helps ensure controlled operating depth, more uniform seed cover, and a consistent field finish.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Each row unit contains a hydraulic cylinder to provide active down pressure. This is adjustable from the cab.

Independently Cushioned Coulter

An optional coulter slices residue and pre-fractures the soil allowing more soil and residue to move around the opener, instead of being lifted and blown out.

Edge-On Shanks

Edge-on shanks minimize soil disturbance and allow optimal residue flow. They are compatible with a wide variety of openers.

Independent Closing Discs

All of the soil that's displaced by the opener is captured by the closing discs to eliminate stepping (rear ranks covering front ranks to make a stepped finish). They properly close the furrow, even at higher speeds, and are adjustable for full control over the aggressiveness and field finish, whether you want to achieve a level field finish across the rows or leave a shallow furrow for moisture retention.

Wide Packer Tires

Wide packer tires properly level and firm the furrow to create the ideal seed environment and consistently smooth field finish, promoting uniform emergence.

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